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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Monday, January 06, 2003

Today was the vocal/reading auditions for "Oklohomo", as Frank called it. (He's right) I had the most confidence I've ever had when auditioning for singing, well, that I remember anyway. Hey, this is off topic, but if someone taped The Tempest from 5th grade, could they make a copy for me, you'd make my week. Ok, anyway, so I sang for Mrs. Bitch-er-Fichtman, and she asked me if I was in Aladdin, and I said yes, and she said that I didn't write that on my sheet under previous theater experiences...duh! I used expression when singing, as well as a semi-accent, and I did alright. (I was shakey towards the end) She said "You can relax now" seeing that I was nervous and I smiled and left. Ug. Then I acted and did pretty good, and I hung around so I could do it again, except that I screwed it like a mother, and Mrs. Eisenberg stopped me. Grr. Oh well, looks like I'm either not in it or in the chorus because there's no way in hell I'm going to get a speaking role. I'D DIE FOR JUST ONE LINE! *Sigh* oh well, if I don't make it, at least I don't have to be an Oklohomo...hehehehe.

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