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Thursday, January 30, 2003

Today was supposed to be a good day. Classes are over. A 4 1/2 day weekend. Now THIS. Can we say...conspiracy? Haha, I'm just a dancer, and this is what I get. Ok, so here's the situation. Central Bucks School District decided that they were going to redistrict the school district, because they're building a (stupid-ass) 15th elementary school. SO, there's a tiny little problem with this...me and Brittany and maybe a few other people are going to C.B. West for senior year. Everyone else is going to South and East. AHHHHH! I'm going to be so alone! From what the map looks like, they're probably not going to budge even if our parents go in there and rant and rave. Well, Mr. Kane might make an impact, I don't know about my dad. But I know one thing, they both can yell like crazy. So great, this sucks. Hopefully some "deal" will be made, or else I'm going to be an awfully lonely kiddo at West. :(

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