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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Ok, so here's what has happened in the past few days. This weekend I didn't do that much, but I did however get to see Nicholas Nickleby (good movie) at the County Theater (or theAter, haha Michelle) with Sean and a few of his friends. I also procrastinated (I'm on a roll) and I stayed up until 3 AM on Sunday! WOOOO! You want to know why? (You: NO!) Ok! Because the best show on MTV2, 120, was on from 1-3. Too bad that it's unpopular and has to be on the worst night for it to be on and really late at night. But oh well, Martin Luther King Jr. wanted his day to be on a Monday JUST so I could watch 120. I swear I'm not lying. I never lie! Hahaha. I heard some pretty good songs on there too, especially Piebald's "American Hearts", and my god I fell in love with the lead singer guy because of his voice and his glasses. Damn, I should really stop that. Anyway, for those of you who download songs, I suggest downloading that one, just don't do it with a cable modem because those people who have cable modems need to call me and tell me where they live so I can raid their houses and get a cable modem for myself. Hmpf. Anyway, the guitar is kickin' so check em' out.

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