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Sunday, January 26, 2003

Last night, we called the movie stores to see who had "Oklahoma" and Southampton Video did, so we went there and holy shiz, they have like every movie ever made! They had a deal (I'm a sucker for deals) which was "4 movies 4 days 4 dollars" so we got: Oklahoma, Citizen Kane, The Blues Brothers, and Outbreak. I watched Oklahoma and Citizen Kane last night, and Oklahoma is messed up (like I expected, especially the dances I have to do), and Citizen Kane was excellent. When I was watching the movie, I heard some familiar phrases, and realized the White Stripes' song "The Union Forever" is like 95% quotes from that movie! I was silently singing along with the little "There is a man..." song, it was SO CRAZY. My aunt and uncle would have been weirded out if I sung it aloud.

This morning, I awoke to hear my aunt, uncle, and mom having a 3-way...argument, man you people are SICK! They were really bickering and now my mom is pissed. My mom is going on vacation 2 weeks from now with some guy that I don't even know (there's my mom for you), and she's calling the Bowmans and asking if I can stay with them from Sunday, Feb. 9 - Friday, Feb. 14. I hope if I go, I won't over stay my welcome...heh. I never see Jess, so maybe this will be fun! I hope so, DJ just needs to stay out of my way, haha.

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