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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Friday, January 10, 2003

The Friday Five:

1. Where are you right now? I'm at my aunt and uncle's house in the office (aka the "red, white and blue room" because of the carpeting...yeah it's messed up, but it was the bicentennial so it's understandable.)

2. What time is it? It is 9:02 PM. That's right, I'm NOT out on a Friday. It happens to me a lot, it seems.

3. What are you wearing? Jeans, monkey socks (that I got from the polyanna!), a red and black stiped shirt, CB East sweatshirt (I've got school spirit. Woo.), undergarments (*gasp* NO!) and a hair tie that's holding my frizzy/curly hair in a messed up bun/knot/thing.

4. Any people or animals around you? Describe them. Well...there IS this bear that my aunt got from her friend Dolly, and it sings "White Christmas" and moves it's mouth and sways back and forth. I thought it was funny, my mom said, "Whoa man, that's freaky. Not cool..." My CD case is next to me, and I'd like to think it was an animate object, but it's just an inanimate object that is a dear friend of mine. I just realized I didn't name it yet! Quick! I need a name! Ok...here it goes...Andy. There's an A on it, so yeah.

5. What are your plans for the weekend? 1) English paper 2) Sputnik report 3) Legionnaire's disease report 4) Social Studies homework 5) The Great Gatsby...great, isn't it?

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