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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, November 30, 2002

Yesterday was an...interesting day. It's a little known fact that in 1993 and 1994, I was in 3 operas with my grandmom when she was a part of the Boheme Opera Company. You're probably thinking, "Hold on...Jacquie? In an opera? You must be kidding!" But, I kid you not. In 1993, I was in Faust, and in 1994 I was Cavaleria Rusticana and I Pagliacci. So yesterday, I took a (rather long) trip down memory lane and watched the tapes of these. I still haven't finished watching all of them, but I did manage to watch all of the 1999 Nutcracker tape. Oh my, all of these tapes were very interesting. When I was onstage in the operas, I looked very lost, which goes to show you that I really haven't changed much! There was one scene in Faust where we all had to dance around, and I looked like a little clumsy elf child who belonged in...the Nutcracker as opposed to an opera. Watching younger Jacquie on tape was interesting, and I also looked at Volume one of the four book series "Jacquie's Life in Photos" by Aunt Viv. Last night, I went to see Harry Potter again, but this time with Frank. We went to the 9:35 show, so it was after 12 when it was over. Hah Jen, I saw Ron Weasley again and he told me that he doesn't like you. Mwahahahaha. Frank's mom went to the wrong theater to pick us up, so we waited outside for a long time until she came. Yesterday was fun, and I procrastinated with homework. So now, I'm screwed, and I have to do it now. I can already tell that today is going to be fun diddly un. Also, Sean's in NY until Sunday, so I'm kind of bored and lonely. Come back Sean!

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