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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Two days ago in English class, we were talking about how Puritains and our world today exaggerate or make a big deal out of crimes people commit. The Brook whispered: "Winona Rider!" Then a whole thing sprung off of that...
Mr. Kane: "Winona Rider, huh! Juicy, isn't it?"
Brook: "Yeah!"
Mr. Kane: "Do you think you'd be on Entertainment Tonight if you shoplifted?"
Brook: "If I shoplifted...naked!"

We all broke out in laughter, and it was jolly good fun. English class is surprisingly entertaining most of the time. Too bad I failed the stupid Scarlet Letter test yesterday, great, starting the marking period off with a horrible grade. Way to go, Jacq-ass! Oh yeah, and Courtney's new name is Whore-tney. I just wanted to make that public...mwahahahaha.

Today's class elections were a joke. The only competition was the vice-presidency, which in the end was too close to call, so now it's a co-vice-presidency. I demand a recount!

I get to miss class on Friday because I get to go around and make a fool of myself in front of children of different local elementary schools because I'm in Aladdin and life is unfair and I don't like punctuation but I do like-run on sentences like this one wow that was fun to write

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