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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Happy turkey day, y'all! I'm not southern or ghetto, so I really can't pull that phrase off. I ate so much today, I hope it doesn't go to waste. That's right, I want to GAIN weight. I pretty much fasted the whole day (unless you want to count the two chocolate chip cookies I ate) so I could eat a lot at dinner. In case you're interested (which you most definetly are not), here's what I ate for my Thanksgiving dinner:

1 turkey leg (I like my meat dark!)
Creamed Corn
One of those Pillsbury layered biscuits (mmmmm)
Jellied Cranberries that come in a can (once again mmmmm)
"Purple stuff" which is blueberries and pineapple in black cherry Jello with a mixture of sour cream, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla (interesting, I know)
1 slice of pumpkin pie
1 slice of lemon crumb pie (from the chorus pie sale, of course)

Go Jacquie go! I ate like a crazy mofo! Why don't I eat more? My brother said, "I hate Thanksgiving!" and I said, "Why? That meal was the best 15 minutes of my life!" My dad was talking to Diane about her eyes being bigger than her stomach, and he said, "Are you trying to preserve your girlish figure?" and I said,"Perserving it? I'm ready to destroy it!" You can see I wasn't at all bashful at the dinner table tonight, my stomach controlled my brain and turned it on "Vacuum mode."

Who's the idiot? Me. I was trying to download "2,000 Miles" by the Pretenders, and ended up with "(I Will Walk) 500 miles" by the Proclaimers. The song was misnamed, so it was weird when I played the song and heard two Scottish brothers singing. Hey, I like the song, I think it's a keeper. Now I'll download the RIGHT song!

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