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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Friday, October 18, 2002

Which Winona Are You?

I got a postcard from Linda last Saturday! It was so cool! It brighted up my day, which was already bright because Homecoming was that night, but it was awesome. I especially loved it because it said "I ♥ dorks" on it. Linda, you rock my striped toesocks! (Yes, I do have them on right now, I got many compliments today :D)

This week was so stressful, and I went to bed at midnight last night. Yawn. Tonight, I had three things I could have done but I only knew about one of them until today. NOBODY TELLS ME ANYTHING!!! I could have either:

a) Gone to the play "The Twin Mecanemi" (sp?)
b) Gone to a lock-in at Kellie's church
c) Gone to a haunted house featuring the talents of some of my chicas

Folks, I'm going to the play. Fun fun fun. I love plays and all BUT I haven't done anything with anyone recently because...wait...NOBODY CALLS ME. Geez guys, I only have two numbers and I am listed in the directory for all of you Holicongers out there. Please call me. I'm lonely. I have to write a 2-page paper and a summary on Fahrenheit 451 this weekend so please, for the love of procrastination, CALL ME. Ok, I'm done ranting, but I just feel like I'm in the outer circle of all of my closest friends and it does suck.

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