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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Schizzle ma nizzle fo' reel, dawg. Get yo hizzip hizzop nizzame! Yo yo, dis bee The Def Funk representin' fo' ma East coast peeps. Word?

I should really stop acting ghetto, for your and my sake.

I just came back from the haunted house at St. Cyril's. I saw Lauren, Dana, Adam, Chris, Holly (playing the role of the "planted customer") and, get this, PAT MALONE! Holy shiznit, I miss him! He screamed "PIP, POP AND TITTER!" when he saw me and I yelled, "OH MY GOD, HOLY CRAP!!!" and I gave him a hug. We're tight from way back, er, last year. I can't believe I said that on church grounds...hehe. I'm not going to explain the "Pip, Pop, and Titter" thing, because it's an inside joke. Right Pop? Turns out he goes to LaSalle now, and he showed me his dead sexxxy student ID. I was talking to "Pop" from inside the clock she was hiding in and Holly yelled at me to stop it. I'm bad, what can I say?

Oh, for all of you Patriot Players up in the hizzouuuuse, here's a little song you might enjoy...mwahahaha...

"Crackhead" (To the tune of "Aladdin") - by Jeff and Jacquie
I'm a crackhead yes I am
(snort) and this is Alakazam
With my best drug by my side
Life is just a magic cocaine ride
Oh, I'm a crackhead yes I am
Not your normal drug man
I'm at the rehab
At the rehab
At the rehab, ma'am!

Heh heh, this came out of health class. We were watching a made-for-TV movie on cocaine, and the one girl said, "She's never around when I need her!" then Jeff turned around and said "You're never around when you're needed!" which is in the Aladdin song...so yeah. Pretty creative people we are. Wow, I just sounded like Yoda. For now, that's all. Be going, I must. Fun, this is...A loser, I am.

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