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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Oh man, I came up with a verse to a nice gore/food song today in Social Studies, and now I can't remember it! It was intentionally in a nice tone but with really negative lyrics, and now I forgot it! It was good, I promise you it was, hmmm...it was something like:

"Baby, baby, want some red colored gravy
blah blah blah
and a helping of crushed dreams."

Ok, that's basically it. The "blah blah" part I was trying to think of something when I was walking down the hallway to go to my locker. The "baby baby" thing was mocking all of those wishy-washy love songs with "baby" used a thousand times in them. I'm going to have to make up something for the song, hey, maybe I'll use it for my graduation project! After all, I am composing a musical piece for it...mwahaha. The judges' reactions would be something like: "Um, well, that's, er, very nice Jacqueline..." (while scribbling on pads "mental", "candidate for 'most likely to end up in an asylum'", "has an obsession with food.") I promise all of you (me) who read this that I will indeed come up with the rest of the song as well as a catchy melody...like the one I had today and forgot. Whoops...

AOL 8.0 kicks it. Whenever I IM someone, they'll hear an excerpt from "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones. Hehehe. It will probably get annoying, but I like it! Unfortunetly, I don't get to hear the "ber der der!" of the guitar. I just get "bllling!" Ick.

My aunt told me, "I had an interesting conversation about religion with your brother, Kyle." I thought, oh geez, Kyle has the weirdest thoughts, let's hear it. She told me he thought Jesus was a fake, and how can angles be real if there aren't motels or hotels in the sky for them to stay in? That's my brother!

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