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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Friday, October 04, 2002

My Name Is Jacquie (to the tune of "My Name Is Jonas")

My name is Jacquie
I'm writing in this blog
If you think it's funny
Then you're as dense as a log

Come and read this site
and you possibly might
have to yawn a lot
when you're falling asleep

It was better then
Yes, oh way back when
When I didn't know
about this thing called "Blogger"

I had a "thing" for Frankie Muniz
M-I-T-M was my biz
My mom said, "Hey man, will you quit it out?!"
She said with an annoyed shout

My name is Baker
I'm new in this high school
Don't question me about my fro
Cause I don't think that's coooool, that's not coo-hooool-hool-hool

Tell me if it's wrong
if I'm in the play
bouncing up and down?
Guess what I recieved
in Bio today
Turns out I didn't
flunk the chapter 3 tests

Not studying had gone as I planned
Got an A and did nothing but cram
So far, this year's been a piece of cake
(A stolen one, 'cause I cannot bake!)

...disgraceful to myyyy last name...
...disgraceful to myyyy last name...
...disgraceful to myyyy last name...

My name is Jaaaacquie....

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