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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, September 07, 2002

Quite Qrazy Qonvos (see below...)

Steph: so Jacquie, what do you want to talk about?
Me: um, bananas!
Steph: chicquita banana
Me: banana boat
Steph: ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone, banana phone
Me: bananas in pajamas, are coming down the stairs, bananas in pajamas, are chasing teddy bears


Steph: what should we talk about?
Me: what's your favorite letter, and why?
Steph: hmm.....
Steph: i'm gonna have to say c cause it's shaped like a banana
Me: I like Q. I think it looks neat and sounds kinda funkay. AND it's in my name, yay! it's such an honor. i think it's underapprieciated though, no one uses it!
Steph: you don't like c? it's shaped like a banana though!!! qqqqqqqq
Me: BUT Q's have that's qool little thingy on an O! DO YOU NOT LIKE Q?
Me: i like c, but c is for common and q is for queer, i mean, uh, quite neato!
Steph: i just used q 8 times!
Steph: c is for crazy
Me: q is for queen!
Steph: c is for columbus
Me: q is for...
Steph: hahaha, i win
Me: q is for quiet, and quincy like john quincy adams
Steph: c is for climb, like monkeys climb into trees and look for bananas!!!
Me: yeah well q is for quest, and that's what i go on to look for bananas!
Me: so there!
Steph: c is for cup, which is what i put my banana in when i get it
Me: q is for quilt, which is what my banana sleeps in at night
Steph: c is for cringe which is what my banana says when it sees your banana
Me: OH! well, q is for quarter which is what mine is worth. YOURS on the other hand is worth NOTHING
Steph: c is for carl, which is my banana's boyfriend
Me: q is for quarrel which is what my banana will do with your banana!
Steph: c is for crush which is what my banana will do to your banana!
Me: q is for queasy which is what my banana is when it sees YOUR banana!!
Steph: c is for cry, which is what your banana will do when my banana kicks his yellow behind
Me: oh yeah? q is for quit, which is what your wussy banana will do when both bananas fight each other in a qage of death? like that spelling?
Steph: well c is for captain planet.
Steph: and captain planet is my banana's friend
Me: well q is for the queen of england, which is my banana's wife
Me: my banana is the co-ruler of a nation!
Steph: but my banana can fly through the air and save people
Steph: from pollution that is
Me: but mine can crush a country then have a cup of tea!
Steph: and then mine will clean up the mess you made cause it will cause pollution!!! and then have a doughnut
Me: well mine will deport your banana, make the world his empire then have a quarter pounder with cheese meal with a raspberry iced tea!
Steph: MY banana will throw trash on yours and then go eat a healthy Cucumber
Me: well MY banana will tap dance on the peel of your banana after it gets done with kicking its arse and then go play a game of Quidditch
Steph: my banana, which is named carla by the way, will take a bite out of your banana and then Cough it up cause it was so gross
Me: my banana's name is Quinn, and it will Quickly run away at the sight of you so called "banana" (qough qough poop qough)
Steph: my banana is Cooler than Cuinn because she Can Climb trees as well as Cut up a Cucumber and Create Crazy Colors with paint
Steph: omg, did you realize we've been doing this for 20 minutes?
Me: My banana is so Qool that it can Qhange all of the C words into Q words because they are the same sound, but Q's look soooo much Qooler. By the way, Quinn can Qut your banana in half like a set of nunQhucks or a Quarate Qhop!
Me: HAHAHA! yes! it's so fun!
Me: if this isn't going into my blog, i don't know what is
Steph: hahahaha
Steph: Carla Can Chop Cuinn into tiny pieces of....Corn
Steph: i must go, my father needs the computer, geeze, don't forget to post this convo!!!!
Me: Quinn Qan Qremate the ashes of Qarla's Qarcas
Me: I won't!!!
Me: haha, this was so fun!
Steph: bye bye
Me: cya!
Me: i mean Qya!
Me: haha
Steph: hahaha

Wow. That should go into the IM Convo Hall Of Fame. But honestly folks, Q is the better letter! Who ever agrees with me or begs to differ should drop a comment down there. Steph, you're going down! Oh yes, I should say that Jacquie's amusement has been sponsored by Beetgreets. If anyone wants to they can, you know, just send me one...(wink wink)

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