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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I tried out for the play (for kids), Aladdin, this afternoon. Jess and I got seperated from our cozy little group of sophies to get thrown in with the big bad juniors and seniors. Gulp. First, we had to sing an excerpt from one of the (gay) songs from the play. Unfortunetly, WHO had to have the first last name alphabetically? Me. SO, I had to sing first. Now folks, despite how much fun it sounds to sing in front of older peers and might I add future French teacher, while standing in a spot below all of them while they all look down on you with piercing...criticizing...um, OLDER eyes...it really isn't. I was so nervous I was shaking while singing and hey, maybe that added some verbratto to my voice. Or maybe it made me look like a wussy fifth grader. I sang all of the notes and timing correctly (and I have piano background, so if I didn't, I should have been shot), but I was on the quiet side, because 1) I don't have a broadway voice like some Jess people do Lauren. 2) I don't have any self confidence in a situation like that and 3) I was nervous and held my paper close to me. I did ok, but then Mrs. Fichtman asked me, "Do you have any more to give?" and I said (like a moron) "What?" "Any more to give...vocally." "Oh, yeah, I was just nervous! *nervous forced laugh*" Then I went to go sit down and continued to mentally slap myself silly for the way I acted. Nerves suck ass.

Then, we had to do dancing. I, unfortunetly, went through ballet boot camp for 7 or 8 years, so I can dance ok. OK, not great, and I'm as flexible as a tree trunk. The dance we had to learn was a no brainer for anyone. Even YOU could do it. (Not saying you're rhythmless) Somehow, I managed to screw that one up. The dance was so easy, that it really didn't test your dancing skills, so if you messed up, you just have a memory problem. I think that wasn't fair, but maybe I'm just saying that because I messed up and I need an excuse to cover it up. There wasn't even much to be creative or perky about because it was a dumb dance which was so simple and walk-like that it wasn't really much of a dance. Oh well.

Tomorrow, they say, is more dancing and singing (oh goody goody fricking gumdrops) and line reading! I hope to get a speaking role, and if not, I want to be Aladdin's monkey, Alakazam. (Yes, they changed it from Abu to this for the play). Face it people, monkeys rule! You are going down, McKairnes!

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