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Monday, September 02, 2002

Guess what, tomorrow is my first day of school! But, probably most of anyone who reads this goes to my school so they would know that anyway. I was already...or so I thought! I bought two things today so my first day will be complete!:

1) A Back To School CD (duh!)- Modest Mouse, The Moon And Antarctica
2) A lunchybox! To be more specific, I got a Sesame Street plastic lunchbox that came with a pringle holder, coupons galore, a thermos and handwipies. Yay!

About the lunchbox, my dad asked, "Aren't people going to tease you about that? A 10th grader with a Sesame Street lunchbox? They'll call you a baby!" I think my dad said that because he used to think he was hot shit back in high school and would probably tell me that if he were my age again. You know what? I like my lunchbox! I don't care what anyone says! I thought it would be funny if I went into high school with a lunchbox like that because it would be oxymoronic. I needed the CD because, hello, I always need a new CD. This just seemed like a good excuse to get one. Plus, A-K said it was good, and I downloaded some of the songs, and they're really good. I think the singer has a lisp...hehe.

Believe you me, I'm going to come back tomorrow and post this epic event...FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL!

Oh man, my dad was watching "Ed, Edd, & Eddy" and laughed. My respect for them has gone from "super-low" to "I was adopted...right?"

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