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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Best dream in the world:
(Wayne's World dream transition: Doo loo loo doo loo loo)

...I was at Tamanend, on the bus loading platform to be exact. I was just standing there, and there were other people around. I looked to my left, at some doors, and was in for the surprise of my lifetime! Guess who strolled through those doors as if they were mere commonfolk such as myself...WEEZER. Not only was it the Weez, but there was no Scott Shriner to be seen, and only the never-ending glory of Mr. Mikey Welsh. Rock. So, I said, "Oh...my...god...It's Weezer!" and cupped my mouth and stood there in amazement. They just nodded and walked on by. I followed them around a bit, for they didn't have much of a following, just me and this other girl. So I mustered up every ounch of courage I had and tapped Rivers on the back and said "Rivers...Rivers..." He slowly turned around and said "Yes?" in a polite manner. How would have though? So I made up a question in order to make myself less moronic than I appeared. I asked him, "So, you guys working on Album #5?" He smiled, and said, "Why, yes, it's similar to Album #3 because-"

THEN MY MOM WOKE ME UP. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! SHE RUINED MY MOMENT! Album #3 just happened to be the Green Album, and that could have gotten interesting but noOo...SOMEONE has to ruin it! Damn it, life's not fair. Even in dreamland.

You know what, I'll probably end up having another dream o' the Weez in the future (like the other 5 million I've had) whether I want to or not. But admit it, that was a freaking cool ass dream.

I have bio homework and procrastination to fufill, so chao until futher notice.

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