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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Tonight, Steph and I made a wonderful discovery. The two greatest words known to all of mankind. It all started with a simple game of Boggle...

Steph was kicking my ass at it, like the last time. We were making up words and then looking them up in the dictionary. Most of them, in fact, turned out to be actual words. Then, when we became bored of Boggle, we just decided to see if there were any cool words in the big red book. Meaning dictionary. The first neat word we came upon was the greatest of all the words in the book....

Flibbertigibbet. FLIBBERTIGIBBET! Just say it. It's magical, has curing powers, makes anyone happy. So great, Steph and I will be saying it a lot. It's just that wonderful.

Then, we found the second greatest word. Flapdoodle. FLAPDOODLE! I mean, it sounds like a snack cake, a cartoon character, and many other things. Once again, a simply wonderful word. We're also using that one so don't steal it, ya hear?

We found some other ones like fubsy, farkleberry, ecru, dyspepsia, and fag (it has another meaning, you know), but those were the two worthy of having a paragraph typed about them.

Oh, I'm not telling you what they all mean, so you can look them up and you can find nifty words like up there! Oh, and Michelle says the coolest phrases like "Tootle oodle poodle poo". I mean, that's just genius!

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