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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Ok, I have a reason for not being on for a little while. My computer at my dad's house (that's right it's MY computer, ALL MINE, mwahahaha...it's a piece of crap.) is screwed up. Why won't my dad listen to me when I tell him the modem is crap? It takes someone else's opinion, and then he'll do something about it. So, that is messed up which = me not being able to (spasm) download (twitch) songs! AH! I'm going into withdraw.

Another thing, I mad the mistake of calling my dad an asshole. This is really what happened:
(Scene: Family at dinner table, Jacquie POed at dad for ruining the ending of "Conspiracy Theory" because he shouts out what will happen next. Scott and Kyle (brothers) being usual annoying selves. Dad, exausted and very frigging loud)

Jacquie: (Grabs potholder and throws it after dad throws it on table)
Dad: Give me that back.
Jacquie: Why?
Jacquie: How come?
Dad: GIVE ME THAT BACK!!!!!! (with some expletives in there somewhere)
Jacquie: (under breath mutters) Asshole. (hands potholder to dad)
Jacquie: (under breath mutters) You're gay, dad.
Dad: What the hell are you laughing at?
Jacquie: (has a sudden want to body slam Scott into something hard and pointy. Metal would be nice too.)
Dad: Did she call me that...(does the slow evil head turn thing)
Jacquie: (quivers in her boots, er, sandals)

And from there it exploded and I ended up crying and dad almost deleted all of the my precious downloaded songs on Kazaa (or "Kazoo" as he calls it, derrrr) It was fun stuff.

Dorney Park on Friday was awesome. Who conquered their fear of Steel Force? I did, I did. Ok, Steph too. After I almost "died" on Steel Force, I "died" on it again. I also went on Dominator (TWICE) with Jen and it rocked! I came, I saw, I conquered!

Last night, (wow, this is really chronological...) abd yesterday, I was sick. I felt like crap, and I did a lot of that. Don't you love when I mention sick things in order to make people ill. Hah. Oh, anyway, so I felt horrible. So, I called Frank, because I felt like it, and I knew he'd be back from the shore. (Nothing is going on between us, just friendly conversations, dammit) It was freaky because he was just talking to Steph online and asking her where I was so he could call me. FreEeaky.Right. So we talked and stuff. That was the highlight of my day. NO, scratch that, (if you get "grossed out easily" just skip to the next paragraph) spewing macaroni and ham in the trash can AND toilet was the hihlight of my dad. Yum-may. After that, I talked to Frank (who better write me a comment, you promised!) again for an hour.

Today wasn't any better, I just didn't throw up. Darn, I really wanted to. Oh, and my stupid brother broke my Game Boy. I never used it much, because I never got a chance to. Why? POKEMON. I hope those stupid animated creatures burn in hell. So what does Scott do when he gets angry? Throws whatever got him angry on the ground. It usually just so happens to be other people's possessions. So, they came home and handed me a demented Game Boy. I plan to make a work of art out of it, entitle it "Brothers Are The Root Of All Evil", and mount it on something screwed up. ETA: October 2002. Watch out, it's going to be HUGE.

Recent obsessions:
1. Game Show Network
2. Reading (I know, what a shocker!)
3. Everything, on account of my OCD. No really, I think I have it. Oh...a split end...MUST CUT HAIR! (mutilates hair with chainsaw). Allll better!

Why can't I get my high school schedule NOW? Stupid school board sons of b...

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