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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, August 10, 2002

I am dead right now. Ugggg. Ok, let me clarify:

I had the option of doing one thing or the other. I could have either gone to the shore with Bridget, or gone to Kim's fiesta. I asked my mom about the shore and she shot me down like THAT. I didn't even get to say much about it to her. Reason: because I want to go to the shore with a friend, but I wouldn't want to go with her. Thanks mom.

So, I went to Kim's fiesta. Let me tell you, it was nuts! Here's the gist of it:

Who: Kim, Jen, Allie, Steph, me (Jen and Kellie couldn't make it :( )
What: A happy fiesta!
Where: Kim's house.
When: 6 PM Friday - 12 PM Saturday.
Why: Because fiestas are loco fun!
How: Don't ask me!

Activities: (here's an attempt at chronologic accuracy after I arrived around 7ish)
1. Ate tacos and messed around outside
2. Watched Spongebob Squarepants DVD (Steph showed up there while doing this)
3. Watched the movie "Rat Race"
4. Sat outside and drank Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daquiris (virgin, for you information) and took many crazy pictures
5. Went outside...and hit a PINATA! This was, for me at least, the highlight of the event. We spun around the blindfolded people so much and we led them really far away from the pinata. Stephanie even ended up...on the road! She also tripped over a stone brick and fell over and rolled on the ground at one point. We got some really great pictures of the pinata action. Kim's brother was dropped off by Frank and his mom during the madness and because we were in the front yard (the neighbors must have apprieciated that) we decided to dance around like psychos. I don't know if it was intended to scare Frank, but I'm sure it did! Mwahahaha...We used Kim's old lacrosse stick at the bat and after a million tries, we ended up just hitting it without a blindfold on. Steph, Allie, and Kim sat underneath of the Pinata when I broke it open, and the candy came down on their heads. It was tres fun!
6. Chilled inside for a tad weedle
7. Made up dances to songs! Ok, Steph and I did one to the song Kim picked which was "Peanut Butter Jelly" by someone. If you don't know that song go here. (You'll get sick off it REEEEAL soon) It took us forever, but turned out good...all 50 seconds of it! Then we went upstairs while Kim, Allie, and Jen made up a dance for "You Sexy Thing" by Marvin Gaye. We ended up watching MTV's "Undressed" and getting hooked on it, despite its erotic oddness. They did their dance, and it was good. Then we all watched "Undressed" together.
8. Pictionary. I suck at this game.
9. Watched deleted scenes from the Harry Potter DVD and the karaoke end scene from the Shrek DVD
10. Steph played GTA3 while Allie and I attempted to get some sleep
11. Played Golden Eye and Mario Party
12. Allie and I attempted to sleep, the others went outside
13. Woke up, if I was asleep, ate a poptart, everyone watched/played The Sims. I sat there and zoned off to Happy Land.
14. Jen left to go to work at Mickey D's, we sat there and listened to music
15. Went upstairs, watched Win, Lose, Or Draw? Allie and Steph left after that
16. Kim and I watched Control Freak until I left.

The end. I left out some minor details, but that basically was it. Fiestas kick ass!

I went home, went online for 10 minutes, got kicked off by my uncle. I went to his room, watched TV and fell asleep for about 3 hours. I was half asleep and I was asked if I wanted extra cheese pizza and I said yes...I don't like extra cheese pizza! Oh well.

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