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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

A funny snippet from one convos Kim sent me:
AkiMboHP: how old do you have to be to get your mac on?
TeNNisChiKHp: to get ut mac on is ageless
TeNNisChiKHp: u can be any age
AkiMboHP: nice. i meant oh, ok!

And of course...this one:
Zakolita: haha, your mom walks in and sees you humping a wall
Zakolita: she'd be like KIM WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!
Zakolita: and you'd be like "OHHHH HARRY, I BELIEVE IN MAGIC

Kim is obsessed with Harry Potter, hence the poster-wall-humpage.

Yesterday, I went to East with Dana and Bridget and we got completely lost. Actually, correction, Dana and I got lost, Bridget was our tour guide but we're DS's so yeah. What's new? I said that I felt like a rat in a maze and at the same time, Dana and I said "WHERE'S THE CHEESE?!" It was great. Then we flung ourselves against the wall and...yeah. Bridget was very patient.

We were walking around and Bridget found one of her classes- the Spanish one. The teacher asked her some things in Espagnol and Dana and I watched. I'm just a lousy French student. After they finished talking, I said:

"I'm el screwed-o up the ass-o."

That, my friends, at the moment was great. Quote of the week...I think so.

I'm going to demonstrate in actual size the width of my locker (which doesn't even go floor to ceiling)

from here: :to about here.

What the hell is that? That's ass big as my hand. MY HAND IS SMALL AND PUNY. Grrr. And what really pisses me off is that NEXT YEAR, NOT THIS YEAR, the sophomores get these big ass lockers. AHHHHHH! I'm going to rip my fro out in a second. Plus, Jacquie the gnome gets the HIGHER upper locker section. It's a conspiracy, I tell you!

Anyway...we also saw the bestest (pyro) science (spaztastic) teacher in the whole world...MR. HARKNESS! The man rocks. We saw him and did the stupid double take because we're that slow. We ran in and chatted and I looked down...and Bridget's leg was bleeding.

Me: "Uh, Bridget, I think your leg is sorta...bleeding."
(Dana, Bridget and Harkness look down at two mini puddles of Bridget blood)
(Bridget runs to sink)

Good stuff. I also reminisced about the time when I burned Mr. Harkywarky with a bunsen burner. The thing is, I left something on, and I told him it wasn't working and he touched the bottom of it....(Wayne's world hand "Doolooloo" thing)...

(Scene: 8th grade Harkness science class. Me, clueless as usual. Sabrina, my partner, just standing there...like usual)
Me: Mr. Harkness, the bunsen burner isn't working, I think there's something wrong with (me) it.
H: Ok, I'll be over in a second.
(H inspects it, then touches bottom which, my friendos, was freaking HOT)
(Harkness makes weird face, eyes bulging out, nice shade of dark red, the works)
H: (runs hand under cold water in nearby sink) Class...REMEMBER TO SHUT OFF (something)...
(Class: Mr. Harkness, are you ok? What happened? Did Jacquie motherfucing kill you?)
Me: (Slowly walks away and hides face. I'm a DS to the extreme.)

Tis why they call it the Baker Burner, my friend, ;)

We shall make another pilgrimage to East (hell) tomorrow, and I owe Steph $10. My uncle however, owes moi $5. Screw horseracing, I'm getting the bucks on American Idol. Mwahahaha....

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