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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

For anyone who was wondering where I was over the weekend, I was upstate. With no computer. Or TV. Or phone. Ah, the agony, the horror. We went out in the boat on Lake Wallenpaupack and I got a nice sunburn. A nice shade of dark pink, oh goody. We stayed at Diane's (my dad's girlfriend) other house up "at the mountains" in this private community. It wasn't at all ritzy, trust me. That was about as "rugged" as it can get for me. There were these boys up there, and Cheryl (my dad's girlfriend's daughter who is my age) and I walked with them late at night on Saturday. They were all 13 and 14 but looked 16. They weren't vertically challenged as I am. They snuck into the pool, as we watched, and had to duck several times so passing cars wouldn't see us. I was wearing light pink, so I was the most visible out of the bunch. One of the guys said I looked like a cat when I layed down in the grass. Meow. After that, we watched once again as they knocked on peoples doors and ran away. Like the one kid said, "We country folk don't have doorbells."

On the way back from "the mountains", I saw something that made me laugh. Someone spray painted "Impeach Clinton" on one of those overhead things. You know, a road that runs over a highway. Anyway, I laughed because it's hard to imagine a political vandalist. Think about it! Hah!

Last night, because I have no life, I sat and watched the Teen Choice Awards while eating a candy necklace. I don't know why I watched it, but I could have easily gagged on all of the teen pop. Ug.

My dad is doing errands right now, but when he gets back, guess what Jacquie gets...HER SCHEDULE! WOO! I can't wait any longer! I didn't even know it was the 20th of August today, I thought it was still the second week in August. Doi!

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