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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Today I had to go to Camp Career at the Bucks County Community College. My aunt suggested it (as always) and it sounded good because honestly, I have no frigging clue what I want to do when I get out of high school (and most likely college). I knew it would be interesting to meet people my age and get some ideas as to what careers would suit my interests and personality. But, I did not expect it to be as FUN as it was! In the morning when I arrived, I found someone from Holicong who is going to CB East like me. She said "I'm scared of the Tamanend people. No offense, I bet they are great people, but I don't know them." or something like that. Hey, I'm scared of the Holicong-ers, but I guess once I get to know them, it will be A-OK! *wink and thumbs up*

In the morning, we did a couple of "icebreaking" activities, and they were really fun, and hard! I became comfortable with the group within an hour, and I was acting like my usual "outgoing" self. After that, we did a few other activities while working with others and gobbling down Swedish Fish and animal crackers (hey, we need our sugar!). There's always a clown in the group, and with this camp it's a guy named Tyler. He is really funny, but not in a moronic "HEY! Look at me!" kind of way. He likes spongebob and Ben 'n Jerry's ice cream as well. When I said I was special because I was left handed, he said he was ambidexterous! Whoa! He was in my group for the photo scavenger hunt around the campus and in almost every picture made some weird facial expression or pose. One time I blocked his face with the booklet I was holding! I'm so evil...mwahaha. He looks like Eric Miller (the junior Jess has had an obsession with) and I talked to an 11th grade CB East junior, and she's friends with him (as well as Kellie's sister, Megan!) She told me about East and things, so I knew a tad more about East.

At the end of the camp, the 9th and 10th graders had a group discussion about the camp, and a reporter from the Courier Times sat in and jotted down notes for an article about the camp. She will be there for the next two days of the camp, as well. In the discussion, I mentioned that my family was a bunch of "scholarship junkies" and I guess she found interest in me and what I had to say. After the discussion, she came up to me and asked me my last name and other things. She also asked me to explain what I had meant with the "scholarship junkies" statement and we got into a discussion about many topics. Hopefully, she'll include some of what I said, and I'll be in the newspaper! Woo! Tomorrow, I'm wearing my Spongebob shirt because Tyler wants me to, and they're giving us Spongebob goodies of some sort (in food form) tomorrow.

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