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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

This is great, I'm doing a special MASH featuring the dudes of Weezer! Here's my results...

You will live in Apartment.
You will drive a GREEN scooter.
You will marry Mikey "Me so horny!" Welsh and have rockin' kids.
You will be a Techno godin crack/whore house.

Play MASH online!

Let me explain a bit (if you're not Weezer knowledgable, or give a crap read on). The apartment was just picked my MASH, so forget that. The whole "GREEN" thing had to do with Rivers brainwashing everyone with the Green Album and forgetting the other ones (which were awesome) Some memorable songs from the Green Album were "Hash Pipe" ("who-o-o-oa"), "Island In The Sun" ("Hip hip") and "Photograph" ("o-O-o") I've noticed the pattern with the little background phrases there.

Pat Wilson, the dummer for Weezer, enjoys riding scooters a lot. Hence the scooter-age up there.

Mikey Welsh was the former bassist of Weezer before Scott "I turtle wax my forehead" Shriner. He was a sexy beast/druggie and I'd love to marry him, anyday. (even though he's like 32...ewww)

Any of them would want rockin' kids! I want rockin' kids too!

Before Mikey Welsh joined (and left) the Weez, Matt Sharp was the bassist. He left to pursue his techno side project, The Rentals and he likes Moog synthesizers a little toomuch. He also has a very outgoing/egotistical personality, so he probably thinks he's a techno god (even though he doesn't do anything anymore)

Mikey Welsh had/has a drug problem, and he likes the ladies (and the ladies like him!) so he's live at a crack/whore house. No doubt he'd be the master of the house because he's foxy. Foxy like a...fox.

There's some background knowledge in Weezer! *cricket noise*. Hm, I didn't get anything including Brian Bell, the waifish fashion goddess/guitarist. Ok, now that no one will read this, I'll go to bed and/or finish reading The Chosen. Good night.

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