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Friday, July 12, 2002

Oy, science camp takes a lot out of me. Or should I say, took a lot out of me. From Monday to Thursday, I volunteered for the third year in-a-row to help with Science In The Summer, an educational camp which GlaxoSmithKline runs. This years experiments and lessons centered around Chemistry. Last year, they studied Paleontology and the year before they studied Electricity and Magnets. I am taking chemistry next year, and even though I didn't learn much from assisting Mr. John and Mr. Steve (are actually both Mr. Fischer, father and son, but they had to have two different names), I got in the scholastic mindset again since June. There were 4 classes I helped out with at the camp at the Northampton Library, and the schedule went like this:

Grades 2-3: 10:00-10:45
Grades 4-6: 11:15-12:00
Lunch: 12:00-1:00
Grades 2-3: 1:15-2:00
Grades 4-6: 2:15-3:00

I'm not sure if this was the exact schedule, but it was something like that. There were 3 other assistants there:

Amanda: I knew her from last year when we assisted with the camp. She's going into 9th grade and I think will be attending Villa as well. She's slightly obsessive compulsive (ok, more that slightly...) and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter reminds me of her. She was fun to work with and I think of me and her as the most active assistants. I hope she returns next year, oh, and Steph, are you on the Renegades B team or A team, because she says Wildcats (her team) whooped the B team majorly. They are going to Nationals this weekend.

Laina: She was new this year, and will be going into 11th grade next year at either the new Council Rock high school or some private school in NY. She has a "pimp" brother who's 12, and got in a car crash Tuesday night (I think) with her psycho driving friend, but she wasn't injured majorly. She has a belly button ring and cornrows, and took "breaks" (smoke breaks). She was also fun to work with and I hope she'll come back next year (without the smoking habit)

Brian: I think the best quote from Brian would be, ".....". Yeah, he was a pretty, uh, "quiet" kid. Brian's going into 7th grade, and I don't know much about him because...we really didn't talk. I guess if I was his age and had to be around older guys, I might not have talked either. His lunches usually consisted of 3 YooHoos and hot fries.

There were these 3 monsters in the camp, and I know I definetly WON'T miss them. In the first morning class (the class my brother Kyle was in) there was this kid named RYAN LIND. AHHHH! He always was the first one to arrive (maybe because his parents were quick to get rid of himOH! That slipped...) and he thought he knew EVERYTHING. On top of that, he was extremely hyper and spastic and did I mention LOOOOOUD! Just saying his name makes my eye twitch. In the second morning class, there was this kid named Michael Getz. He was the least annoying out of the three I'm mentioning, which means he's the lesser of the evils. He was like my brother Scott (who just happened to be in his class) and was loud, annoying and well, a kid. You know how young boys act, and he was the most immature out of that class. He argued with me sometimes and I just wanted to duct tape his mouth shut. Woo! I'm violent. THEN, there was Brett (I forget his last name) He was up there with Ryan on the LOUD ANNOYING HYPER SPAZ METER. He made loud noises and jump over and on things. He called out a lot and he was a candidate for deportion which would have been caried out by yours truly.

Harry Potter came up a lot. Notice the Hermione Granger reference up there, but there were other things. We discussed alchemy a little, and Mr. John said "Remember one of the classes Harry Potter had to take was alchemy because he was a wizard." Of course, that came up 4 times because of the 4 classes. Also, the next day after that, this one kid Joshua Baldvins (testing my memory) wore a red and yellow Griffindor shirt because it was mentioned the day before, and he got an extra fruit snack. (Fruit snacks were given to the kids who had done their homework) ALSO, there was this kid who LOOKED like Harry Potter, and his name was Evan Schaffer. Jacquie's on the ball with these names! I asked him, "Evan, did you know that you look like Harry Potter?" He nodded, and I said "Harry Potter's really cool *muttered to self "and sexy"* I thought of Allie, Kim and Jen when this happened, because they are the HP fan club. I think Kim would have molested the kid who looked like Harry Potter...

Guess what =w= fans? *cricket noise*...This week on MTV and MTV2, it's All Access Week! Do you know what this means?! *tumbleweed rolls by* Ok, I'll tell you, jerkz....

SUNDAY ON MTV2: Making The Video (of "Keep Fishin'" with the muppets, I may add): Weezer @ 10-10:30 PM
ALSO....*drum roll* The Weezer concert which was filmed @ the Whiskey in L.A. on @ 10:30-11 PM
Note: This might not mean much to anyone else, but this was the SAME concert they aired last year on MTV2 in which I first fell in love with the Weez. I mean, during Say It Ain't So my jaw was open and I was just mindblown. Yes, this sounds cheesy, but even though it was the "Green Album *gag* Era", I fell in love with the old school Weezer, and *tear* they have left the building. I remember after that they showed some Weezer videos including "Undone" (I remember laughing at that one) and "Say It Ain't So". Fond memories...good times...and now I'M GOING TO GET IT ON TAPE! Mwahaha...
Oh yeah- Jimmy Eat World Concert on Monday from 9:30-10 PM

I should get dressed, because I'm starting to remind myself of my Grammi who wears her PJ's into the afternoon. *Shudders* Grammi...

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