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Life of the Bored and Taskless.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

Here's the Friday Five on...Saturday:

1. Where are you right now? In the computer room (or the "red white and blue room" as we call it because of the psychedelic carpet) of my aunt and uncle's house. I'm in Richboro, PA if anyone wants to know exactly...I'm not giving you my address!...*cough cough stalkers cough*

2. What have you lost recently? I lost my mind a while ago, but recently...hmm...a $50 gift certificate to the Montgomery Mall (shh! don't tell anyone) and I just remembered I don't know where my Radiohead CD is. Crapola.

3. What was the first CD you ever purchased? The first CDs I got were Spice Girls (self-titled) and Hanson (forget name) for my birthday (10th, I think) but I'm not sure which CD I actually bought first. I got a lot as gifts, so I don't think I used to buy them a lot. Anyway, the first 21 CDs I owned were lost on a plane ride to Alaska when I left them on the plane. (I'm serious.)

4. What is your favorite kind of writing pen? Anything stolen. Seriously, I don't have any cool pens, and everyone else's seem better. I guess any kind that gives off some toxic fumes...wooo....

5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Ben & Jerry's Phish Phood. That is the shiznat!

Ok, so today was highly eventful. Well, not HIGHLY, but stuff happened.Today I went to a bridal shower for a person I didn't even know. My mom is in this wedding for some girl she knows from somewhere (my mom knows everyone...even you!). It was held at some wild flower reserve at Washington's Crossing park thing in a pavillion outdoors. Only like 12 people showed up because no one had the decency to R.S.V.P. (or Repondez, S'il Vous Plait, yeah screwed that one up). Mom made a lot of veggies and fruit salad and there were other things there, like cocktail weenies, croissants and 8 oz. cokes! They were so cute in the little glass bottles...don't get me started. The bride-to-be opened her gifts, which included 2 crock pots and 2 food processers (*double the pleasure...double the fun*) and my mom followed through with the lame tradition of putting all of the bows from the gifts onto a paper plate and making a "hat" for the poor bride-to-be to wear. Can we say...embarrasing? So after a little while, my mom took me to the Pineville Tavern...

My mom works at the Pineville Tavern when she's not teaching special ed. in the Pennridge School District. Today, I went in there to (maybe) do some hostessing. I ended up bussing tables for about 2 hours. Here's how it basically went:

1) I sat at the bar for about 2 hours after arriving there and changing out of the dress I was wearing for the shower(which is my mom's...it fit me...scary). Then this huge guy came in. He was very muscular, had one tattoo on each shoulder, and was wearing a biker outfit. You'd think he'd be the kid of guy who would knock you out if you did anything crazy. But Craig Riley (his name) was the stereotypical big teddy bear. We talked about his son/7 year old boys/brothers, Austin Powers, Rocket Power (we did the "woogedywoogedywoogedy" hand thing) and he said I had a sexy mom. Do you know how much I enjoyed hearing that? Then he changed it to "Your mom is cool." Like that's much better! He was cool, and he owns (or owned) Riley's Gym, and said he lived by C.B. East. That means "If anyone gives you any trouble, or picks on you, you give me a call and tell me their name." Looks like Jacquie already has a High School Life Insurance Plan.

2)After he left, I kinda just sat there. Other people worked there too, ya know. The hostess, Devon, was really cool and her and I beat up on Riley together. There was a bus boy named Nick and I didn't get to talk to him much. There was also some Russian kid, and the host guy and Nick beat up on him because he has a heavy accent. I wanted to say something, but I'd save it for if I worked there in the future. OK, so after Riley left, there wasn't anything fun to do. I decided to help out because at that point it started to get gradually more and more packed.

3) The host guy said he was fine, so I decided to bus. I originally shut out the option of bussing because I have no balance (damn ballet didn't do a thing for me!) and I just couldn't see myself running around with trays because of what I just said. But I ended up...liking it! I only got paid 5 bucks by my mom, but I really didn't care. The people liked me, I liked the people, and they thought I was doing a good job and get paid! (and also that I worked there!) Hmm...job option...definetly.

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